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Museum Photos

Please Note: The Liberty Aviation museum is a working museum. Aircraft, vehicles, and historical artifects are continuously undergoing restoration and maintenance, and occasionally attending off-site events. As the museum expands, new items will be added, and visiting aircraft and vehicles may be temporarily on public display.

We hope the Museum Guide, below, and accompanying photos, help illustrate what the museum has to offer. However, they may not be representative of the exact exhibit on any given day. If you are planning a visit to see a specific aircraft or vehicle, feel free to call the museum at (419) 732-0234 to verify that it will be present at that time.

Liberty Aviation Museum Main Entrance

Liberty Aviation Museum, Front Entrance (3515 E. State Road)


Museum Lobby and Gift Shop

Tin Goose Diner interior

Tin Goose Diner

Building One Gallery - Civilian Aviation

Gallery One - Civilian Aviation

Classroom Meeting Room

Classroom / Meeting Room

Hangar One

Hangar One

Diner Entrance. Exit to diner patio and Hangar Two.

Entrance to Tin Goose Diner
Exit to Diner Patio and Hangar Two

Building Two

Hangar Two

Historical Motorpool. Vehicles and PT Boat

Motorpool: Military Vehicles and PT Boat Restoration

Hangar Two

Hangar Two

Ford Tri-Motor restoration. Tri-Motor Heritage Foundation. Hangar Two.

Tri-Motor Heritage Foundation's Ford Tri-Motor restoration project in Hangar Two

Gallery Two. Military Aviation.

Gallery Two - Military Aviation